A comical performance about the drinking water business.

A newly constructed drinking water fountain is about to be flamboyantly inaugurated. Final preparations for the ceremony are underway, everything is being polished and has to be perfect. The highlight of the inauguration: the general director of the donor "Germany Water International" will personally unveil the magnificent fountain. However, nothing goes as planned and the ceremony is completely thrown off track. Three clumsy workers, the portly managing director, his loyal assistant and a magical fountain creature make for a turbulent, cheerful, subversive water extravaganza. A delightful rebellion!


40 Min, two times

Installation time

3 hours


Water Music and Water March

Composition an arrangement

Rotraud Heller

Directed by

Theater Mimikri and Detlef Winterberg


with Junges Theater Augsburg

Well construction

Susanne Reng Accordeon, worker and buisinessman
Eva Maria Glasmacher Klarinette, worker and sculpture on the fountain
Martin Glasmacher Saxofone, worker and accountant